Single block boiler

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brief introduction

This series of boilers is a vertical structure. It uses advanced condensation technology to achieve condensation without a economizer. The overall footprint is only 1.4m³, and the exhaust temperature is as low as 50°C. It can continuously deliver hot water to schools, shopping malls, hotels, offices and other places.

Scope of application

Boilers are widely used in many fields, such as construction, aquaculture, textile and so on. Industry, food industry, chemical industry, heating industry, etc.


Таблица параметров

Types Rated Thermal Power Rated Steam Pressure Thermal efficiency Fuel Power requirement Length * Width * Height Weight
Unit Kw MPa % V/Hz mm kg
V6 99 1 97.2-104.4 Natural gas 220/50 890 * 890 * 2160 620

*Calorific value: heavy oil 9860 kcal / kg, diesel fuel 10250 kcal / kg, natural gas 9140 kcal / kg Nm3, liquefied petroleum gas 24988 kcal / kg Nm3, urban gas 4500 kcal / kg Nm3;

*Due to the continuous improvement of the technology, we cannot notify customers on time, please contact us for detailed parameters.

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brief introduction

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