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Thermal efficiency of gas boiler

Relevant tests show that the gas-fired boilers produced by Fangkuai boiler manufacturers fully transfer the heat energy released after fuel combustion to the boiler equipment through various advanced combustion technologies, reduce heat loss, and eliminate waste of fuel energy. The thermal efficiency can generally reach more than 98%. It is said to be a very cost-effective boiler equipment.

So, what are the outstanding properties of Fangkuai Boiler's gas boilers? Can it save more than 20% energy than other types of boiler equipment?

For example, the thermal efficiency of coal-fired boilers is basically about 70%, the thermal efficiency of biomass boilers is about 80%, and the ultra-high thermal efficiency of gas-fired boilers is 98% due to the difference in boiler structure, fuel type and technical level.

natural gas boiler efficiency

First of all, in terms of boiler structure, gas boilers save space to the greatest extent possible. Energy-saving auxiliary equipment such as economizer and condenser are placed above the boiler body. The structural design of U-shaped flue pipe and spoiler can make full use of the heat energy of flue gas and save valuable floor space for the boiler. have to.

Second, the type of fuel for the boiler. Gas boilers use gas fuel as boiler fuel. Gas fuel does not need a storage site. It only needs to connect the fuel transportation pipeline to the boiler. The operating environment of the boiler room is also very clean, the fuel calorific value is high, and the heat energy released after combustion More. Coal-fired boilers, biomass boilers and other types of boilers that use coal and biomass all need to provide storage sites for fuels, which take up more space and make the overall environment of the boiler room worse. These fuels will release a large number of harmful substances such as sulfides and carbides after burning, which will cause many adverse effects on the human body and crops when they flow into the air.

The technical means adopted by the boiler are also different. The gas-fired boiler uses the international advanced condensation waste heat recovery technology. The condenser is placed at the end of the boiler. The flue gas generated after the boiler is operated is first recovered by the condenser and then discharged. On the one hand, the latent heat in the flue gas is reused, on the other hand. On the other hand, the temperature of the flue gas is also reduced, and the pollution to the environment is lower.


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