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What is the fuel consumption of oil boiler

How to meet the production needs of enterprises with lower boiler operating costs is a problem that many users of oil-fired boilers are extremely concerned about. After all, for enterprises, saving energy and reducing consumption, reducing costs and increasing profits are the lifeblood of their survival and development. The operating cost of an oil-fired boiler is closely related to the fuel consumption of the boiler. How to calculate the fuel consumption of the oil-fired boiler when it is running? Fangkuai boiler manufacturers to help you.

Calculation method of fuel consumption of oil-fired boiler:

       G = hot water output * (outlet water enthalpy - inlet water enthalpy)/(low calorific value * thermal efficiency). The calorific value can refer to: diesel low calorific value=42652kj/kg; gasoline low calorific value=43062kj/kg; crude oil/heavy oil low calorific value=44833kj/kg; residual oil low calorific value=37646kj/kg; According to the feed water temperature of 20 ℃, enthalpy = 83.74kj/kg for conversion.

boiler fuel consumption

The oil-fired boilers of Fangkuai boiler manufacturers have the following types:

       1. WNS type oil-fired boiler
       The boiler capacity is generally below 20 tons; the steam pressure is below 1.6MPa, and the WNS type oil-fired boiler has a three-pass structure to a two-pass structure.

       2. SZS oil-fired boiler
       This type of oil-fired boiler is generally shipped as a whole, the evaporation is mainly concentrated in 10-130 tons, and the pressure is below 2.5MPa. The boiler has the characteristics of a large capacity range, the design pressure range of the boiler is larger than that of the WNS type, and the steam quality is higher than that of the WNS type.

       3. Vertical furnace type oil-fired boiler
       The capacity is small, and the overall floor area of ​​the boiler is relatively small, generally less than 4 tons, which is more suitable for projects with a relatively small boiler room. Vertical furnace type oil-fired boilers can burn high, medium and low calorific value gas fuels, and the layout is relatively flexible.


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