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Xufei Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. 10 tons integrated gas steam boiler project

  • Product name

    Steam boiler

  • Use fuel

    Natural gas

  • Boiler Model


  • Application

    The chemical industry

Customer feedback

Due to the need of business expansion, our company urgently needs to purchase a new steam boiler for the new production line.After the boiler brand, quality, thermal efficiency, after-sales and other aspects of the comparison, we decided to cooperate with Fangkuai Boiler.At present, the boiler has entered the commissioning stage and the process is very smooth. The after-sale staff of Fangkuai Boiler are also very patient and guide our company's boiler workers to pay attention to the matters needing attention in boiler operation.We place a great deal of trust in fangkuai boilers and thank you for your service.



Zhengzhou xufei optoelectronic technology co., LTD., jointly invested by dongxu group, henan province state-owned assets management company and zhengzhou investment holding co., LTD., is mainly engaged in the design, manufacturing and sales of flat panel display and solar industry materials.The first phase of Xufei photoelectric project has already put into production a production line, the second phase will continue to expand, add three production lines, in order to meet the production needs of the second phase of the project, Xufei photoelectric need to add new boiler equipment.After the investigation and selection of several boiler brands, we decided to cooperate with Fangkuai Boiler and signed a 10-ton integrated condense-gas steam boiler (WNS10-1.25-Y.Q).


The boiler is the star product of Fang Kuai, PLC intelligent control system and hardware equipment organic combination, the boiler has a high intelligence "brain", users only need to adjust the control system, can complete the boiler operation, adjustment, shutdown and other states.Boiler in the water level, water temperature, pressure and other important positions equipped with more than 10 probes, all-directional real-time monitoring of the running state of the boiler, in case of sudden failure, can immediately start the warning device, remind users to deal with the accident immediately, reduce economic losses.



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