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Shopping center 4.2MW integrated gas hot water boiler project

  • Product name

    Hot water boiler

  • Use fuel

    Natural gas

  • Boiler Model


  • Application

    Heating industry

Customer feedback

Our shopping center is anxious to buy gas-fired boiler this time, but we don't know much about gas-fired boiler.After the introduction of others, we have a more comprehensive understanding of the other side of the fast boiler, and more trust in the fast boiler.After the boiler was put into use, it turned out that Fang Kuai's products perfectly met the needs of our shopping center.



Cadelong dream shopping center is located in the core district of hongkou, Shanghai, which has a large daily visitor flow.According to the emission standard of air pollutants issued by Shanghai, the amount of nitrogen oxide in the flue gas emitted by the boiler is less than 80 mg/m3. Longzhimeng Shopping Center has used a coal-fired boiler for many years, and the nitrogen oxide emission is far more than this requirement. Therefore, it is urgent to replace a more environmentally friendly low nitrogen emission boiler.After the introduction and understanding of other units that use Fangkuai boilers, we decided to cooperate with Fangkuai Boiler. According to their specific needs, Fangkuai recommended a 4.2MW integrated condensing-gas hot water boiler for the heating needs of shopping malls.


This series of hot water boilers have provided heating and hot water support for many enterprises and public institutions, hotels, baths and other entertainment places, for many industries have a wealth of cooperation experience, is the first choice of heating products.



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