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Wan 'an Hydroelectric Power Plant 2 0.5 ton electric steam boilers project

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    Electric steam boiler

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  • Application

    The chemical industry

Customer feedback

We were deeply impressed by the strong technical team and perfect after-sales service of Fangkuai Boiler, and the installation and commissioning of the boilers were successfully completed within the predetermined time limit.The two electric heating steam boilers provided to our company this time, combined with the actual situation of our company, save a lot of fuel cost for us, thank Fang Kuai Boiler for providing us with such quality and worry saving products.



China Guodian Group's hydroelectric power plant in Wan 'an, Jiangxi Province is in urgent need of purchasing steam boilers for daily work after assessing the specific situation.According to the actual situation of the power plant, the sales manager of Fangkuai Boiler recommended two 0.5ton electric heating steam boilers.


In terms of energy, the power plant itself can provide electricity for boiler operation;And the use of electric energy boilers are very environmental protection characteristics, almost no harmful substances will be released, and China's clean environmental protection policy echoes.At the same time, the power plant can also flexibly adjust the number of boiler operation according to its own actual situation. Two boilers can be used at the same time, or one can be used for one standby, and steam can also be provided for use when abnormal circumstances occur.



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